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Individual, Couples, Family

"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination" – Carl Rogers

With ten years experience, as a counsellor, Jessica is skilled at helping individuals, families, and couples to create effective, positive, and lasting change. She has experience as an educator, and counsellor in a variety of settings including community based mental health, schools, and agencies.

I first sought Jessica’s counselling services as I was feeling overwhelmed with being one of the primary caregivers of my elderly mother. I initially thought that if I could just get a few tips to cope with my mother’s mental health, that was as much as I could get out of counselling. To my amazement, my sessions with Jessica went much deeper than just tips for my mother’s mental health; they covered the whole spectrum more


When I first met Jessica, I knew right away my life would change for the better. I met her a few weeks after I moved back to Vancouver from Montreal. I had just found out my dad had terminal cancer and was starting a new job with a very difficult and toxic colleague. I was quite a mess. Jessica was able to help me navigate through life with her flexible and adaptable approach. However, the more


I was struggling with anxiety for about a year and was referred to Jessica through my work. I started my sessions and found that she is a good natured person with a relaxed attitude. She provided the tools and skills I needed to stop sweating the small things and take control of my life again. I would recommend Jessica to anyone. She has really helped me live a happier life. Thanks Jessica