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Rates & Policies


  • Students – $100 / hour plus GST
  • Individual – $130 / hour plus GST
  • Couples/Family – $150 / hour plus GST


Although fees are consistent with the established rates of other professionals in
Vancouver, Jessica believes in making counselling attainable and affordable. A
sliding scale is available dependent upon income and circumstance. Please contact
for further information.

Extended Benefits Coverage

Please note that counselling provided by a Clinical Counsellor is not covered under
the basic BC Medical Services Plan. However, counselling may be covered by
extended health care plans and workplace benefits. Please check with your
insurance provider about coverage of counselling services.

Cancellation Policy

Missed appointments that are not cancelled at least 48 hours prior will be charged
the full session fee. If an appointment needs to be cancelled or rescheduled, please
provide as much notice as possible.


Yaletown Counselling accepts cash, cheque, e-transfer and credit cards.*

*Call for more details

Confidentiality Policy

The standards of practice for a Certified Counsellor places a high value on confidentiality. In line with these standards, strict maintenance of the confidentiality of all notes, records, and other information is kept by having your file accessible only to myself. Persons outside of the office are not allowed access to the fact that you are seeking counselling without your written consent. Similarly, I will not discuss issues relating to another client known to you without written consent.

When working with couples and families, in the interests of therapeutic rapport and trust, information given to myself by individuals will not be disclosed to others. Participating members will be encouraged to share thoughts and feelings with each other and I will support that process. Participating individuals can also ask me to share information with another family member or request anyone they wish to attend a session with them.